Monday, May 2, 2011

summer shorts.

as the summer months start getting closer and closer to us there are a few things that stay at the front of my mind... drinking lemonade out of a mason jar while reading the latest instyle magazine, soaking up the summer sun, and feminine summer fashion. along with a southern summer comes extreme heat. when this time of year comes a long the last thing that i want to put on my legs is a pair of jeans. i automatically turn to shorts and skirts for comfort in the heat. the great thing about short season this year is all of the girly shorts that different designers have out right now. i have a certain affection for the shorts trend that is in full force this season. there are many shorts that i am crushing over right now.

i just purchased a cute pair of flowered silk shorts from f21. they are so comfortable and extremely feminine, two characteristics that i am looking for in my summer wardrobe.

here are a few summer shorts that i have had my eye on. 

this summer instead of just automatically going for a plain jean short... try something with a little more personality.  


  1. I always love how you mix feminine and slightly more boyish pieces like that vest together! You look fantastic and I'm definitely on the same page as you as far as shorts go. I'm super excited that they're coming out with so many different styles to choose from this season! I adore the ruche ones you chose! ♥

  2. Great outfit!
    I love your floral shorts and high heels :-)
    You're looking very good,


  3. I love the little army vest you're wearing! Great point on going for something a little more funky then predictable cut offs!

  4. Such pretty shorts and I love the parka vest and shoes!

  5. I always have problems matching tops to bottoms like this. I have several skirts that just sit there cause I don't have shirts to go with em...